Voltron 2022

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Naming a wine can be challenging. No doubt we will receive a lot of scoffing for that comment based on our track record, but its true. It can take weeks, even months to do each cuvee justice by perfectly matching its profile and story to a fitting name that reflects it. 

The creative process is tortuous and takes hours of reminiscing, googling and vinous stimulation. Its bloody tough…..In most cases it would be easier naming your first child. 

And then, sometimes everything just aligns and the world feels right and at peace. 

So, what do you call a super wine made from 5 varieties from 5 different vineyards? A wine which lets each individual variety and site shine independently but harmoniously combine to create something beautiful and unique at the same time. 

You name it after the super robot piloted by 5 space explorers. 

Welcome to the stable VOLTRON.


Designed to be chilled so get this in the fridge. Cherry cola, plums and apricot skin aromatics. The palate is light and fresh with great acidity and just a touch of savoury Italian-esque tannins. This wine is truly way better than we even hoped. Bloody delicious. Best enjoyed eating a summer peach salad with Manchego and white wine vinaigrette while listening to John Cougar Mellencamp.

Voltron 2022

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