Mt Midoriyama Classic Edition 2022

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We call this our party pet nat, which is kind of lame, but kind of accurate. 

This year, we've concocted a blend of Dolcetto and Chardonnay from the King Valley to make a sparkling rosé that's as fresh as swimming in the ocean once you get past your belly button.

I'm calling this the Dame Judy Dench of sparkling: saline, fruity and more than a little bit sexy.

Production notes:
80% Dolcetto and 20% Chardonnay. The Dolcetto was transported to the winery and pressed immediately hard and slow yielding roughly 70% extraction. The wine was then naturally fermented reaching a maximum temperature of 24 degrees in the cooler than average vintage. Bottled with 16 grams of residual sugar per litre. Inverted and chilled, after which point topping trials begun. Finally settling on losing 20% of the Dolcetto and topping with 20% Chardonnay. This did add another layer of complexity given we had to disgorge and then tip out roughly 125ml from each bottle but the effort was definitely worth it. The Chardonnay was young and lean with 3 and a half months in oak, 25% 1 year old barrels and 75% 3 year old barrels.  Each bottle was then hand disgorged, tipped, topped, re-capped, cleaned, dried, labeled and boxed for your drinking pleasure.  

Tasting notes:
Not as aromatically pronounced as previous releases, a true reflection of the cooler than average vintage. In saying that, it is not a bad thing in the slifghtest. Hints of watermelon but laced with fresh citrus and at the forefront this year is beautiful stone fruit. Racy acidity is another welcome addition this year as is the 10.5% alcohol. 

Mt Midoriyama Classic Edition 2022

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