Murgon Mango Pet Nat 2022

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The Murgon Mango was one of our first Pet Nats way back in the early days. It came to fruition purely through a thirst for something fresh and fizzy to drink in the hot
sun of vintage on the South Burnett.

We had a clear vision in mind, a vinous love child of two of our favourite beverages, XXXX Gold and Solo. Something light enough you could put a few away and keep
working, something fresh and clean with subtle aromatics and bright acidity, something with gentle carbonation so you could slam it down fast.

This vintage looks a little different to the first edition but we stayed true to style to create a unique wine-cider hybrid Pet Nat. Semillon and pears combine here to create
something so smashable we wish we could have packaged it in wide mouth cans.

Site: Clovely Estate, Moffatdale, South Burnett, QLD. Loam to light clay, basalt over limestone. Conventionally farmed 21 year old vines. Monticello Estate, The Summit,
Stanthorpe, QLD. Ruby Creek granite, sandy top soil over clay. Sustainably farmed, dry grown orchard.

Production: 90% Semillon and 10% Winter Cole Pear. Semillon was picked on the cool evening of January 15th after a big dump of rain(la nina year). This proved per-
fect for Pet Nat as it dropped the baume a touch, retained bright fruit and had not sat long enough for the vines to take up too much water avoiding any berry split.

The fruit was pressed immediately and transfered to tank for a cold settle and to drop a little of the acid out prior to ferment. Left to naturally warm and ferment in stainless
steel tank over a two week period. This was then bottled with 14 grams of sugar remaining.Once through ferment the wine was inverted and put into the cold room to
settle prior to disgorging.

Numerous topping trials were then carried out until we landed on the pear cider addition. This juice was simply early picked Winter Cole Pears
which were pressed immediately and fermented on full solids with 1 settle and racking taking place. It was quite delicate aromatically with a soft palate, a touch of grip and
only 5% alc/vol. This calmed the naturally high acid of the Semillon, provided some texture and dropped the alcohol to create a really light smashable pet nat. Disgorged,
topped, capped, washed, dried, labelled and boxed for your drinking pleasure with a small sulphur addition.

Tasting notes: Aromas of tepache, lemon verbena and green orchard fruits. The palate is fresh and vibrant with a clean line of acidity and soft carbonation. All of this with only 10.5% alcohol and the joys of table conversation revolving around what to actually classify this delicious drink as.......Best served during pre-drinks with a packet
of Thins light and tangy crisps.

Murgon Mango Pet Nat 2022

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