Over and Over Quarry Ridge Pinot Noir 2020

Over and Over Quarry Ridge Pinot Noir 2020

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"Could you ever need me,

And would you know how?"

Christie McVie (1979)


And there begins Tusk, Fleetwood Mac's epic follow up to their epic album Rumours. After that album blew up the entire planet with its undeniable and enduring awesomeness, only a band of intergalactic genius would kick off the follow up with an introspective ballad like Over & Over.

What a track and what a false dawn, as the next track The Ledge blows the collective Fleetwood Mac fan hive band into smithereens with its overt weirdness and foreshadows the fact that nothing about 'the Mac' will ever be the same again. What an important moment in music history, the band that helped create the sound of smooth LA cool announces its end, with Roxy Music's Avalon to come as a fitting epitaph in 1982.

For this reason, Over & Over signifies the ability to break with the past, transcend expectation and convention, to redefine yourself, and to be thoroughly awesome all at the same time.

All that said, this Pinot is nothing like that!

It's just a delicious drop from the Quarry Ridge Vineyard. Hyper cool climate from the site that brings us Gymkata Syrah, Admiral Ackbar Semillon and Icarus Cab Merlot, this wine shares the cool climate benefits that these wines enjoy too. Lovely tannin, underlying berry flavours and a heap of spice.

Production notes:

Picked on the 19th of April and fermented in Konpira HQ after soaking on skins at 4C for 4 days with two light daily plunges. As normal, the ferment achieved a low level of volatility during the initial stages which was transformed/integrated during peak ferment activity leading to a pinot of layers and a beautiful forest funk.

Tasting notes:

Aromatics of rose petal, roadside forest berries (cheers Jordy Kay for this one), and ripe mandarin flesh. Palate is a beauty with green almond, green peppercorn, slight salted caramel fudge and a splash of Big M iced coffee (drunk when dehydrated).

Abv 13.3% 2492 bottles.