Mt Midoriyama Total Victory Pet Nat 2024

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The moment when you stare deep into the distance with a singular intensity and, for a moment, glimpse the unglimpseable. A moment of divine inspiration, afflatus, a euphoric, splendorous glow of unexpected deep insight. What do you see? A rare, crystalline comprehension of the 4th dimension? A navigable path through a personal imbroglio? Me. I see a spectre of true magnificence, a vision of whimsical but strident beauty. The Mt Midoriyama Total Victory Pet Nat, presented in its total glory. Sagrantino and Vermentino conjugated by a delicate thread of acid. An other-wordly, transcendental liquefacted victual. What a time to be alive.

Production notes:

Production: 80% Sagrantino, 20% Vermentino. Crushed and de-stemmed by Bart and crew at Chalmers HQ and then pressed immediately, yielding a 70% press ratio. All varieties were then blended, chilled and transported to the Konpira Melbourne HQ. Doing things this way ensured we kept the product as fresh and delicate as possible and limiting any oxygenation during the six-hour transport mission. Cold settled  for a week and then racked and left to undergo natural ferment with cooling from our DIY rebuilt $100 chiller we rescued from the local tip and now run fully solar powered. Bottled with 14grams  of residual grape sugar per litre and left for 4 weeks to finish ferment in bottle. Transferred to our cold room once inverted and left for 2 weeks at 2 degrees to ensure we remove as much yeast and tartrate as possible when disgorging. Hand disgorged, topped, re-capped, cleaned, dried, labeled and boxed for your drinking pleasure. 13% abv.

Tasting notes:
Tasting notes: Vermentino really taking the spotlight this year with bags of citrussy tang which will no doubt development into that campari-esque character we have come to know and love in this wine. All super primary watermelon at the minute, really great fun.  Palate is textural yet fresh with a creamy mouthfeel from the fine bead, actually an absurdly fine bead for a pet nat. Fresh, bright, and dangerously drinkable.
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Mt Midoriyama Total Victory Pet Nat 2024

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