Garga Nola

This was our first ever wine for this project and our first, and only, attempt at designing our own labels. I can’t remember now the exact reason for the simple aesthetic but, looking back, it appears to be very close to Tom Shobbrook’s labels of the time. Al did the ‘design’ work and Sam showed early signs of his pedantic approach to sweating on details by undertaking a gruelling colour and font selection process.

The wine itself was from grapes sourced from the Chalmers Family in Merbein (which we still use now), one of the first years they sold fruit from this vineyard, I believe, and was a blend of Nosiola and Garganega. Sam was a fan of Nosiola after working in London and Al loved Soave. Was a lovely wine and still holds up nicely. Bottled in 500ml sparkling bottles that came in crown seal, hence the crown seals for most of our wines to this day.

For the love of labels